Bee Pollen

Did you know that bee pollen is one of nature’s most complete superfoods?

It is high in protein (in fact, it is a complete protein), anti-inflammatory, can decrease allergies, may help fight cancer, boosts energy and metabolism, is anti-bacterial, may increase fertility, and clears up the skin.


Here is an easy bee pollen recipe for glowing skin and a boost in energy.


Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 12.45.40 PM

***Note: Most people know that turmeric is usually consumed with black pepper to increase is the ability to be absorbed into the bloodstream and have an anti-inflammatory effect. However, when taken without black pepper in its pure raw form, such as this recipe calls for, it actually helps line and strengthens the gut lining, helping repair leaky gut. Leaky gut is actually the root cause for many allergies, as well as acne and other skin problems. The collagen, turmeric, and bee pollen in this recipe all work together to repair the gut, clean up the skin, and combat seasonal allergies.


Note: please do not consume bee pollen if you are allergic to bees or honey.






  1. Panny

    Wow! GrPa Lou is tickled pink. He has alawys known how valuable bee pollin has been. HIs friend takes the pollen right off his bees’ legs and eats it! The recipe looked just a might complicated for ole me! Thanks for all your nifty e-mails. Hugs to you dear,Mo. Love you I do so very much.


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